The Asia Vision Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fostering greater cultural understanding between the East and West and helping the people of Asia build more open and peaceful societies in ways that honor their unique cultures and values. We bring together individuals, companies, and other non-profits who see the beauty and opportunities as well as the challenges of Asia with the purpose of creating greater peace, prosperity, and equable development for the people of Asia and the world.

We believe that the best way to achieve positive ends is through positive means, such as the arts, culturally conscious education, the open exchange of ideas, grassroots-capacity building, and cross-cultural programs. Through our programs and those of the organizations we support, we seek to help Asia develop strong civil societies, greater freedom of information, and increased protection of people’s rights. Additionally, by sharing the beauty and depth of Asian culture with the West we can improve cross-cultural understanding, encourage more constructive engagement models, and advance the dignity of people and cultures on all sides.

Every society today faces the fundamental challenge of creating social, political, and economic systems that provide prosperity and a secure environment while also promoting and upholding peace and human dignity. Nowhere is this challenge greater and more important than in Asia, home to 60 percent of the earth’s population.

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